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Adult female gorilla, gorilla beringei beringei, sitting in the lush shrubs of the Bwindi Inpenetrable Forest, a World Heritage site. Part of the Muyambi family grounp. by Jane Rix Squacco heron on the banks of Lake Edward, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. The blue beak indicates the bird is breeding. by Jane Rix Howling chimpanzee, pan troglodytes, in the tropical rainforest of Kibale National Park, western Uganda. by Jane Rix Pair of adult Bateleur eagles, Terathopius ecaudatus, perched in by Jane Rix Front view of a long-crested eagle, lophaetus occipitalis, perched in a tree in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. Soft blue sky background by Jane Rix An adult chimpanzee, pan troglodytes, rests on a fallen tree in the rainforest of Kibale National Park, Uganda, Africa. by Jane Rix Adult dwarf bittern, ixobrychus sturmii, perched in a tree in Qu by Jane Rix


Front edge of a glacier in Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago bet by Jane Rix A crack in the ice. The ice shelf opens up as an icebreaker ship passes through. Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole and in the arctic circle by Jane Rix An adult walrus dives for shellfish by Jane Rix Adult bearded seal, erignathus barbatus,, resting on the fast ic by Jane Rix Vertical panorama of Kongsvegen glacier in Svalbard by Jane Rix Icebreaker going through the pack ice of Svalbard by Jane Rix Row of colourful wooden houses in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, the most northerly town in the world. Early spring scene with snow on the mountains and the foreground by Jane Rix


Ferris wheel retro by Jane Rix Adult Eurasian nuthatch or wood nuthatch perched upside down on a metal railing. Textured blue green background with space for text. Processsed to look like an old painting. by Jane Rix Closeup of the head of a giraffe.  by Jane Rix Watchful and alert adult snow leopard face closeup with space fo by Jane Rix Watchful and alert adult snow leopard, Panthera uncia, side prof by Jane Rix Vintage orchids by Jane Rix Vintage protea by Jane Rix


Svinafellsjokull, an outlet glacier of Vatnajokull, the largest  by Jane Rix Sunlight on Vestrahorn, Stokksnes peninsula. Golden hour shot wi by Jane Rix Kirkjufell mountain and Kirkjufellfoss waterfall, Snaefellsnes peninsula, Iceland. Long exposure shot in autumn. by Jane Rix Waves crash trough Gattlekur, or the Hellnar Arch, a natural sto by Jane Rix Aerial view of the Svinafellsjokull glacier and icebergs in the glacial lagoon. Details of the ice texture and fissures. Overhead drone shot. by Jane Rix The village of Glaumbaer, Iceland, with traditional turf covered houses and small red and white wooden church. The sod bricks and grass roof insulates against the hard cold winters by Jane Rix Dyrholaey Lighthouse at blue hour in autumn, the most southerly point on mainland Iceland. Storm clouds are rolling in around the mountains behind by Jane Rix

Masai Mara

Silhouette of vultures roosting on an acacia tree at sunset in t by Jane Rix Low flying hot-air balloon in the Masai Mara, Kenya. A popular tourist excursion, shown here above the grasslands in early morning light by Jane Rix Beautiful adult lilac-breasted roller, coracias caudatus, in fli by Jane Rix Two young adult male Masai giraffes, giraffa camelopardalis, necking or sparring in the Masai Mara, Kenya. This aggressive behaviour is to establish dominance by Jane Rix A juvenile male lion, panthera leo, on a rocky outcrop on the Ma by Jane Rix Adult malachite kingfisher, corythornis cristatus, perched on a  by Jane Rix Impala group at sunrise in the Masai Mara by Jane Rix

South Africa

African drums by Jane Rix White-backed vulture, Gyps africanus, perched on a dead tree. Kruger National Park, South Africa. by Jane Rix Juvenile bateleur eagle in Kruger National Park, South Africa by Jane Rix God's Window in South Africa by Jane Rix White-backed vulture at sunset in Kruger National Park by Jane Rix Elephant taking a drink by Jane Rix Elephants black and white by Jane Rix


Ornate Alhambra window by Jane Rix Alhambra panel by Jane Rix Alhambra tile detail by Jane Rix Alhambra wall detail4 by Jane Rix Alhambra wall panel detail by Jane Rix Nasrid Palace ceiling by Jane Rix Alhambra stained glass detail by Jane Rix


Checkpoint Charlie road block, Berlin. Retro style filter by Jane Rix Vintage printing blocks by Jane Rix Printing blocks by Jane Rix Printing block background by Jane Rix Vintage sewing machine by Jane Rix Amsterdam cycle by Jane Rix Wooden storage box filled with buttons. by Jane Rix

Animals and wildlife

A long tailed cormorant, microcarbo africanus, and a great cormorant, phalacrocorax carbo, perched in a dead tree at Lake Naivasha, Kenya by Jane Rix Cormorant, phalacrocorax carbo, in flight over lake Naivasha, Kenya. Focus on head with motion blur on wings. Blue sky background by Jane Rix Rothschild giraffe, giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi, standing in a clearing at a giraffe sanctuary in Nairobi National Park, Kenya by Jane Rix Cormorant, Phalacrocorax carbo, flaps his wings on landing in the river Itchen, Hampshire, UK. Drops of water are shown in the summer sunlight by Jane Rix Young orphaned elephants interacting and displaying affection, Nairobi National Park, Kenya by Jane Rix Rothschild giraffe, giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi, grazing on vegetation at a giraffe sanctuary in Nairobi National Park, Kenya by Jane Rix A watchful black-winged kite, elanus caeruleus, perched on a dea by Jane Rix


Merchant house, Amsterdam, black and white by Jane Rix Old rowing boat by Jane Rix Bridge under a bridge by Jane Rix Two vintage hearts by Jane Rix Vintage hearts by Jane Rix Vintage tin heart by Jane Rix Snowdonia panorama in Black and White by Jane Rix


Road through southern Utah, with the famous red rock cliffs. Summer day in the United States. by Jane Rix The iconic feather display above the entrance of the famous Flamingo Hotel and casino, the oldest hotel on the Strip, Las Vegas. Night shot with illuminations. by Jane Rix Selective focus on a gentle wave under the pier at Old Orchard B by Jane Rix The road through Yosemite National Park, California, USA by Jane Rix Sunlight in a ponderosa pine forest, Mariposa Grove. Early morni by Jane Rix A flowing mountain river in Yosemite National Park, with the Half Dome visible through the trees. California, USA by Jane Rix Closeup of the Hoodoos, unique and natural sandstone rock formations of Bryce Canyon National Park by Jane Rix

Backgrounds and Textures

A background of colourful ceramic glazed beads. Traditional African beads for ethnic jewelery and souvenirs. Overhead view by Jane Rix The intricate pattern of ponderosa pine bark, Yosemite National Park, california, USA by Jane Rix Purple wall and yellow fence by Jane Rix A background of vintage red leather cricket balls with white sti by Jane Rix Ancient decorative floor tiles in traditional patterns. Vintage  by Jane Rix African tribal necklaces in vibrant colours by Jane Rix A background of cut wood. Cross sections of pine logs for fire wood or manufacturing. by Jane Rix

Fun stuff

Fab ice lolly tin poster, circa 1960 style.  by Jane Rix Coloured pencils by Jane Rix A display of generic silver rings set with semi-precious stones, on a black velvet background. Vintage style craft jewelery by Jane Rix Berlin graffiti by Jane Rix Berlin graffiti by Jane Rix Berlin graffiti detail by Jane Rix Start your summer story... Inspirational quotation by Jane Rix

Petra and Jordan

Cave dwellings in the Rose City of Petra, Jordan. This lost city is a UNESCO world heritage site by Jane Rix Sunset at the lost city of Petra, Jordan. Amazing buildings are carved out of the pink rock and the Rose City dates to around 300 BC by Jane Rix Camels in Petra by Jane Rix Ancient buildings in Petra by Jane Rix The ancient Treasury Petra by Jane Rix al-Khazneh by Jane Rix Cave dwellings Petra. by Jane Rix

Food and Drink

Wasabi peas by Jane Rix Wasabi peas by Jane Rix Strawberry smoothie by Jane Rix Yogurt with granola and blueberries. by Jane Rix Black pepper and Himalayan salt  by Jane Rix Tomato soup and croutons by Jane Rix Overhead view of summer fruits in a bowl by Jane Rix

Sri Lanka

Giant Buddha feet by Jane Rix Anuradhapura carving by Jane Rix Mother elephant and baby by Jane Rix Baby elephant by Jane Rix Sri Lankan wall panel by Jane Rix Elephant takes a shower by Jane Rix Lion's paw Sigiriya by Jane Rix


Beautiful pink cherry blossom closeup. Spring floral background with blue sky background. Space for text by Jane Rix Tulips on old wood background by Jane Rix Yellow rose by Jane Rix Meadow of daisies by Jane Rix Japanese water iris by Jane Rix White tulips in a wooden trug by Jane Rix Tulips over old wood by Jane Rix


Meeru by Jane Rix Heron by Jane Rix Maldives aerial by Jane Rix Maldives villa by Jane Rix


Modern architecture detail. Toned image in soft gold and  blue  by Jane Rix Ottawa parliament East Block, on a winter day with deep snow. The Canadian Houses of Parliament date back to 1867 and are modeled on the UK Parliamentary structure. by Jane Rix Modern architecture detail. Toned image iwith sunburst by Jane Rix The ultra modern Lloyds of London Building, in the financial district of the City of London. by Jane Rix Chapel Port au Persil by Jane Rix Tadoussac Chapel  by Jane Rix Glasgow University Cloisters panorama by Jane Rix

Seasonal and Holiday

A Christmas Angel decoration made from medical masks with fairy lights by Jane Rix Robin in the falling snow by Jane Rix Elf legs by Jane Rix Christmas wreath  by Jane Rix Antique glass bauble by Jane Rix Pumpkins for sale by Jane Rix Antique glass Christmas tree bauble by Jane Rix

Printing blocks

Peace message by Jane Rix Noel printer blocks by Jane Rix Love in printing blocks by Jane Rix Love in printing blocks by Jane Rix Love in printing blocks by Jane Rix


Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Egypt at sunset. Built by the Pharaohs as a tomb and passage to the afterlife, where they believed they would be Gods. by Jane Rix Colourful sunrise over the red sea by Jane Rix Sunset at the pyramids of Giza, Cairo by Jane Rix Sphinx and Pyramid at dusk by Jane Rix Lifeguard tower silhoette by Jane Rix Sphinx profile by Jane Rix Egypt sunrise by Jane Rix

United Kingdom

New Scotland Yard with the iconic sign outside, London UK. Natur by Jane Rix City of London, cityscape of the financial and business district by Jane Rix The dome of St Paul's cathedral behind a London underground roundel sign. Focus on the iconic red, white and blue tube logo in foreground. by Jane Rix Colourful terraced townhouses with summer sky background. The ar by Jane Rix Bright red London phone boxes on a city street with lamp post, b by Jane Rix Decorative street light and wrought iron railings outside of the by Jane Rix Detail of the exterior of Westminster Abbey, London, with the El by Jane Rix


All we have is now by Jane Rix Amsterdam street scene with bicycle leaning against a lamp post and colourful flowers. Digital painting by Jane Rix The Tree of Life in all God's colours by Jane Rix Fantasy digital watercolour of a blue ice cave with reflection in calm waters. Frozen cavern with opening to a snowy winter landscape by Jane Rix Chestnut Icelandic horse, islenski hesturinn, digital watercolour. Close up of face and mane. by Jane Rix Barn owl perched on a branch in an old barn. Digital watercolour painting on white. by Jane Rix Tower Bridge over the river Thames, London. Digital watercolour  by Jane Rix

Greece and Greek Islands

Traditional Greek village of whitewashed houses with blue windows and doors. Digital watercolour. by Jane Rix Octopus drying by Jane Rix Boats and windmill by Jane Rix Paros by Jane Rix Greek doorway by Jane Rix Samaria Gorge by Jane Rix Greek steps  by Jane Rix


Parisian walkway in black and white. An unidentifiable person wa by Jane Rix Eiffel Tower with blue sky and cloud background. Low angle view  by Jane Rix Eiffel Tower in sunlight by Jane Rix Pont Alexandre III bridge with the Eiffel Tower by Jane Rix Parisian view by Jane Rix Eiffel Tower Watercolour by Jane Rix L Hotel national des Invalides by Jane Rix


Mother and son hands and feet by Jane Rix Caution by Jane Rix